Training and Consultation


Debra and Don have provided advanced training and supervision to psychologists, social workers, and MFTs for over 30 years. They offer input on a one-time basis or through ongoing support and supervision. For help with challenging cases, they provide supervision in person, by phone, or Skype. They are also available to provide live supervision or review video or audiotapes of sessions .


Debra and Don are available for on-site case consultation to principals, teachers and school counselors, and for liaison work between schools, students and parents.

Don also provides training for elementary school teachers. His specialty is in the use of award-winning, research-based songs and activities to boost character, social and emotional skills. 


Don and Debra are available to consult with non-profit counseling centers, medical, legal and law enforcement agencies, private businesses and individuals. Areas of expertise include systems analysis, law and ethics, on-site case consultation, and training in specific topics regarding work with couples, families, teens and children.

Advanced Topics in Integrative Psychotherapy:

Debra and Don provide quarterly clinical training seminars with CEU’s for LSCW’s and MFT’s sponsored by The Family Therapy Institute of Santa Barbara. Each session explores a different clinical topic such as Working with Resistant Couples, The Use of Paradox, Treating Difficult Adolescents, Law and Ethics, etc. The format includes reading material, lecture, discussion and when appropriate, videotaped material. They  offer 1 to 4 hour lectures at schools, meetings or other mental health agencies.

One and Two-day Workshops:

Don and Debra are available for one and two-day workshops, either as co-presenters or as individuals. Workshops are offered to either the general public or to mental health professionals.

Professional Topics include:
Assessment Tools for Couples and Families
What Therapists Should Know about Evidence-Based Treatment
The Role of Emotion in Change
10 Keys to a Happy Loving Family
Treating Kids with Anxiety  and Phobias
Treating Kids with Behavioral Challenges
Integrating Spiritual Perspectives into Therapy
Contributions of Positive Psychology
The Use of Paradox and Innovative Techniques for Resistant Clients
Topics for General Audiences include:
10 Keys to a Happy Loving Family
Setting Limits from Toddlers to Teens
Closeness and Communication in Intimate Relationships
Songs and Activities for Boosting Character, Social and Emotional Skills
Assessing Your Relationship Strengths and Weaknesses
How to Grow Past Old Wounds and Trauma
Confronting the Challenges of Technology with 21st Century Kids
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