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In addition to being a child psychologist, school consultant, and lecturer, Don is also an award-winning singer, songwriter and producer specializing in creative projects for young children. He was the music director and songwriter for the PBS hit series, Jay Jay the Jet Plane, and has won numerous awards for his songwriting and production talents.

Below is a list of Don’s fun, award-winning songs (for 4 to 8-year-olds) that provide concepts and tools that go along with the 10 Keys.CD covers tog.

Visit the links below for free downloads with lyrics, coloring and activity pages for each album.

Key #1 Talking and Listening: Talk It Out, At the Same Time

Key #2 Expressing Feelings: Let ‘Em Out, Big Kids Know How to Cry

Key #3 Adapting to Change: Clean-Up Time, Quirks

Key #4 Sharing Time Together: Together, Sharing Friends

Key #5 Who’s in Charge?: Give It Back, The Magic Word

Key #6 Balancing Closeness: Together, Better Together

Key #7 Accepting Differences: Same and Different Too, Six Little Kids

Key #8 Seeing the Positive: Shake It Out and Dance, Be Good to Yourself

Key #9 Effective Problem-solving: Follow and Lead, What You Can Do

Key #10 Parenting Together: The Gift of Giving, Who Knows What’s a Kudo

To go along with those albums, Don created a 125-page activity book that includes the lyrics, coloring pages, as well as a hundred lessons and activities for parent and teachers to share with kids.HKS-Workbook3D

An excellent way to have fun at home and further enhance learning, this workbook has 3-5 additional activities for each of the 40 Kids EP songs. It includes all of the eight album themes, with 8 ½ x 11″ reproducible master copies of the kids’ activity pages (so you won’t have to download them.)

Activities include arts and crafts, movement, drama, and games and are provided across the span of ages 4-8. Some are more appropriate for younger children, and some for older. Some might involve siblings or other kids, and others are more individually focused. You’ll be able to adapt them to age as needed, using the ideas as springboards for discussion.

Some activities will require you to gather basic supplies. The materials suggested in most cases are readily available around school or home. In some cases you may know of a way to adapt the activity for use with other materials. A good practice is to always try the activity yourself before using it with children.

“…a wonderful, beautifully produced project. We’re impressed with the excellent kid singers, arrangements, songs and production. You’ve done that VERY challenging thing of giving positive messages in a non-preachy way and we know that’s no easy job.”

–Cathy Fink, 2003 & 2004 Children’s Music Grammy winner

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