Social & Emotional Learning

I listened to your songs with my grandchildren, and we loved them…

-Daniel Goleman, Ph.D. author, Emotional Intelligence

From an early age, children are learning about their world and soaking up what’s happening around them. One of the most important things they can learn is how to make relationships with other people positive experiences. Parents and teachers everywhere are overwhelmed with the problems kids are having,- challenges with academics, being respectful, getting along with friends or siblings, worrying too much, or learning manners and important character values. Now there is an engaging way to do just that. This music has to be heard to be appreciated and understood.

Music has been shown to be an effective, almost magical medium for teaching character and social and emotional skills–a fun way to “make the medicine go down.” Noted psychologist and PBS songwriter, Dr. Mac, has won the Teacher’s Choice, iParenting and numerous other awards, and research has shown:

  • Children make significant improvements in behaviors such as being helpful, staying on task, and understanding and using the Golden Rule.
  • They learn new skills to better approach their peers and gain more effective tools for dealing with teasing and bullying.
  • Kids are better able to resolve conflicts with others by learning to talk things out.
  • Lessons about feelings give kids the words to use when sad, mad or frustrated.
  • As kids develop a more positive attitude and self-confidence, they also are far more likely to encourage others to do their best.
  • And as far as academics are concerned, happy kids learn better!

We received Dr. Mac’s songs as a gift for our son who has every one made for his age group on the market. Without a doubt, this is his favorite! The lyrics in these songs stand out in a way that’s obvious, as they talk directly to kids about behavior, communication, and other issues or problems that they are experiencing every day. In a joyful and magical way they invite kids to participate in their own solutions.

-Michael McDonald, singer/songwriter

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