Effective Discipline for Kids

One of most common reasons that parents request family therapy is when one or more of their kids are out of control. How’s Your Family Really Doing? describes how problems in a child can be related to many different factors but an obvious place to start is by asking yourself, if you are a parent, […]

Building Family Rituals

For more help with Key #4, Sharing Time Together… When you ask adults about positive experiences from their childhood, it is no surprise that many of their answers involve favorite family traditions. One of my fond memories growing up (which will surely date me) is Sunday night dinners, the only night we were allowed to […]

Adapting to Change and Building Resiliency

If you need more help with Key #3, Adapting to Change… Given that change is an inevitable part of life, it makes sense that all of us figure out how to increase our capacity to rebound or spring back from change and loss, a concept now called resiliency by social science researchers. Although some aspects […]

Raising Emotionally Intelligent Kids

For more help with Key #2, Expressing Feelings… Dealing with emotions- our own and those of our kids and partners- can be one of the more painful, frustrating, and ultimately fulfilling parts of being in a family. After the groundbreaking classic bestseller,¬†Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman came out in 1995, the world came to the […]

How to Improve your Communication

If you need help with Key #1, Talking and Listening… Although there are many excellent books on communication, we have found Marshall Rosenberg’s teaching of nonviolent communication to be one of the most user-friendly. This model is excellent for children, teens, couples, and families. What made this resource even more special is that Don and […]